AZACA Training Summit

The upcoming AZACA Training Summit has been postponed, all safety precautions are being taken due to concerns of the COVID19 (Coronavirus).

AZACA members will receive an email on this matter in regards to your pre-registration for the training summit.

If you have already made your hotel arrangements with the AVI, please contact the AVI directly to cancel your lodging.

​We apologize for any inconvenience, your safety is our highest priority.

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Arizona Animal Control Association 

Arizona Animal Control Association (AZACA)

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April 12-18, 2020 

Arizona Animal Control Association (AZACA) is honored to celebrate and promote this week to the true professionals of the Animal Care and Control Enforcement Field.   AZACA encourages agencies and communities to take time to recognize and appreciate the professionals who all serve and protect our communities throughout Arizona and our Nation.

National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week