Diane Brady started as a member of AZACA when she became the Animal Control Specialist for Mesa Police Animal Control in 1992. Diane Brady was also a member of NACA and served on the Maricopa County Emergency Response team for years. She was promoted to Animal Control Supervisor and remained in that position until her retirement in 2018 after being with the City of Mesa for 28 years.

Diane Brady was elected Secretary of AZACA in 1992 and enjoyed serving in that position until her retirement. Diane Brady highly believed that Animal Control Officers were definitely more than ‘just dogcatchers’ and strived for professionalism and specialized training in both her department and AZACA.

Over the years with AZACA, Diane Brady saw tremendous improvements and growth among the various animal control agencies. These improvements were instrumental in establishing communications between agencies, building rapport within communities, obtaining specialized training for ACOs, increasing spay/neuter programs, raising awareness of animal cruelty and abuse, and improving the lives of thousands of animals all throughout the great state of Arizona.

Diane Brady would like to thank AZACA for this honor and hopes ACOs continue to receive the recognition they so rightly deserve.

In Honoring Diane Brady, Team Members of AZACA voted to continue her legacy by renaming our AZACA scholarship to the DIANE BRADY SCHOLARSHIP. Recipients of the Diane Brady Scholarship receive FREE Tuition and Lodging to attend the AZACA Training Summit.